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I just get things done instead of talking about getting them done. I don't go out and party. I don't smoke drink or do drugs and I'm not married that leaves a lot of time for my work.

But I have a good life. I enjoy what I do. I am married to work.

I met an American woman and got married so I had to get a job.

I believe that anybody who gets married should go to a counselor for months before the wedding. I think that's going to save guys a lot of money and the ladies a lot of heartbreak.

I wear my wedding ring. We talk about when we're going to get married again which we hope is going to take place some time in this incredibly hectic calendar year.

For a girl the wedding is when you're married. For a guy it's when you get engaged. It takes a real aggressive human being to back out between the ring and the wedding.

A lawyer I once knew told me of a strange case a suffragette who had never married. After her death he opened her trunk and discovered 50 wedding gowns.

The wedding took place in Vermont where they have legalized gay civil unions and I married a woman.

I try to remember as I hear about friends getting engaged that it's not about the ring and it's not about the wedding. It's a grave thing getting married. And it's easy to get swept up in the wrong things.

I don't ever really feel that wearing my wedding ring is what determines me being married or not.

I think a lot of people who feel as though they desperately want to be married oftentimes simply desperately want to have a wedding.

One tradition I have with my friends is that when one of us gets married we have a ton of fragrance oils and pretty bottles at the bachelorette party. Everyone puts a drop or two in a bottle for the bride and makes a wish and the bride wears our creation on her wedding day.

No wedding bells for me anymore. I've been happily married to my profession for years.

Saw a wedding in the church. It was strange to see what delight we married people have to see these poor fools decoyed into our condition.

When he came back from downtown he had forgotten to bring his license his identification the $2 for the wedding license. So we got married two days later.

I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.

Never advise anyone to go to war or to get married. Write down the advice of him who loves you though you like it not at present. He that has no children brings them up well.

When there's a war people get married.

I guess because it feels more open but I think being married is way sexier because it's really like your soul partner in a permanent fashion and then you strive for it to be something permanent and that type of commitment and trust if you can achieve it is so good for the soul.

Nobody has ever denied that when it comes to his trade - gigolo - John Forbes Kerry is one of the all-time greats. He's in the Gigolo Hall of Fame. See a really good gigolo might snag one heiress in a lifetime with a nine-figure trust fund. Kerry has married two. When it comes to gigolos he's Steve Jobs.

I was young. I was newly married. And I had worked like a dog. I just wanted to live and travel.

I've three children three grandchildren I work I travel and I'm very happily married. I'm very satisfied and happy with my life and there really isn't anything I want.

We're in a new world. We're in a world in which the possibility of terrorism married up with technology could make us very very sorry that we didn't act.

We managed to hang in there. Today when people get married there's a tendency to run away when things get tough. There is a lot of strength in hanging together.

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